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Install / Configure Zerto – for local replication

Great write up on Zerto,

Notes from MWhite

Hello all,

I recently showed you how to get vSphere Replication working in your environment.  That is something that many of you have already due to the VMware package you purchased.  But if you need more functionality and scalability, including more then replication, you can (and should) look at Zerto Virtual Replication.  In this article I will show you how to get it working.

Zerto is a software product for replication but also more oriented to Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR), therefore they talk of protecting a virtual machine or failing it over rather then replicating it.  While this is important functionality, I think it important also to work with and understand Zerto as a replication product as well.  In this article we are not going to cover off the DR side but rather get up and going with replication in a PofC situation.  If there is need…

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